The Story of Willie
We had a young man, probably in his early 20's show up with a 6-7 week old kitten.  He said he was moving and his Dad said to get rid of the kitten because he wanted no part of it.  We took the kitten and put him in a kennel until the paperwork was done.  The young man thanked us and left.

After he was gone, we took the kitten out of the kennel to examine it.
To our horror, we discover the kitten was blind!  The eyes were swollen so we assumed he had an infection.  After a trip to the vet, we found that someone had blinded this sweet lovable little kitten,  possibly by spraying a chemical into his eyes!  The eyes were covered with scar tissue.  He could probably see a very small amount of light but nothing else.
It was heartbreaking to watch as he tried to play with the little balls in his kennel!  Why would anyone do this to a small kitten like this? We may never know the answer, but we Do know he will NEVER be hurt again! Maybe with some time and care the scar tissue will shrink enough that he will be able to see a little.

"I have faith that God will give little Willie his eyes back, that He won't make him suffer because a human being was cruel!" said Faye Peters.

Update on Willie-12-20-01  The infection in Willie's eyes has cleared up. He is totally blind in one eye and has very little sight in the other, but he sees well enough so that he can get around.  We are looking  into having him fitted for glasses.  Virginia Vision is checking into finding goggles small enough for a kitten! Their exam of Willie was   at no charge!

Another thing we found out was Willie has back injuries, the vet said it's from either being thrown or kicked.  Poor guy had obviously gone through hell!  We have a Chiropractor, John Samuelson, who is here in Aurora.  He is making house calls to adjust Willie's back.  Willie is walking upright, and he's all over the place.  He purrs throughout his treatments.  Thank God for such caring people like these, without them where would our critter's be?


Willie had been placed in a home in Babbit, but has since passed away. Willie suffered numerous problems, went to sleep one night and never woke up. 

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