The following is a list of people on the board of S.N.A.P. These are the people that make the decisions concerning all issues dealing with achieving the goals of this non-profit organization.  Their responsibilities are clearly defined in the by-laws of the Spay, Neuter, Aid Program.  For a copy of these by-laws send a self addresses stamped envelope to:
S.N.A.P.  PO Box 385, Makinen, MN 55763

Board Member                                                                       Title

Faye Peters                                                                   Chairperson
Vicky Burdick                                                               Vice Chair
Jim Truman                                                                 Treasurer/Secretary
Theresa Rautio                                                             Fundraising
Su Dabbas                                                                    Program Services
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Numerous volunteers help us with various fundraising events, political intervention,
or in times of need for animal rescue.  We are also blessed with members who send
in donations from time to time.  Without these volunteers and members, there would not be a Spay, Neuter, Aid Program or an animal sanctuary.  Interested in S.N.A.P.
membership or in donating to the cause? 

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S.N.A.P. is a 501C(3) non-profit organization and is licensed by the state of Minnesota.
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