The Story of Rags
On December 1st, 1999, the brginning of the Christmas Season, we had been at the veterinarian's all morning.  The only person at the Contented Critters Animal Sanctuary was the man who cleans the kennels.  He was out in the back and heard a car pull in the driveway and leave before he got to the front gate. Lying on the ice in the driveway was a small terrier-mix dog who could not stand.  He gently picks her up and brings her inside to place her in a carrier , where she will be safe and warm until we arrive at home.

We we arrived home, it only took one look at this poor creature, we'll call her "Rags"  Because she looked like a broken rag doll, and we knew we were headed back to the vet's office.
It was very hard to tell if Rags was male or female because she was nothing but one huge mat of fur.  It had obviously been a long time since this dog had knwn the pleasure of being properly cleaned and brushed. The vet took one look at her and shook his head.  He walked around the exam table, looking at her and said "I don't know where to begin"  He had to shave her just to take her temperature because she was so badly matted.  An x-ray revealed a bladder the size of a large cantaloupe.  This dog had not been able to urinate for many days.  In order to give her some relief, he tried to insert a catheter, but it would not work, something was blocking the urinary track.  The urine looked like dark orange syrup and was close to a quart in amount.  The stench was so strong that we all smelled it hours later.  After a complete exam, it was found that Rags had several tumors blocking her urinary track, had mammary gland cancer, and a heart murmur.

Why would a human being let an animal get in this condition?  If they were just going to dump her off, why didn't they do it six months ago when maybe, we could have helped her?  Why let her suffer so long?  How can a people become so absorbed in their lives that their pet's health means nothing?  As the vet put the needle in to euthenize Rags, he said "This is probably the kindest thing anyone has done for this dog in a long, long time."  None of us know how long or how bad Rags suffered.   Remember all dogs go to heaven, and there must be a special place in heaven for a dog like Rags.

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