Thanks to your help, Milady received her surgery!

MiLady is a 4 year Quarterhorse.  She was owned by a very neglectful
man until March of 2003, when she was then rescued by a caring couple. At 3
week of age, MiLady broke her leg and the orginial owner never had it
repaired.  This horse has been walking around on it's joint and bone for the past 4 years of it's life.  The horse was grossly underweight and it's been impossible up until now for the horse to receive it's needed surgery. Since
March of 2003, the new owner has been able to help the horse gain 250lbs.

The horse came into the hands of Contented Critters when the new owner lost their home unexpectedly, and Contented Critters has worked long and hard to work out all arrangements to make this surgery possible.  Through long hours and discussions with Universities, vets, and talking with the press, MiLady received enough coverage to open the ears and eyes of those willing to assist her and give her a second chance.

Unfortunately not everyone has felt this way, and our email address has been hit from people that feel this horse should not have been given any chances and should have been put down. Contented Critters understands that in this day and age, people do disagree, and you cannot please everyone,
no matter how much you try.  However, flaming emails are simply nothing more than a coward's way of handling disagreements, it's much easier  to hide behind a computer screen and write a horrific email to someone they don't even know, then to pick up a phone and speak your peace where the "other party" has a chance to defend their side and opinion.  The MN Hooved Animal Rescue organization and their associates felt so strongly against us helping the horse, and wanted the animal destroyed instead,  that they demanded  from us to remove their link off our website as they didn't want to be associated with us.  We decided that it was best  that we are not associated with any type of "kill organizations" and their link was promptly removed.  The SNAP by-laws state that we are a human association and that we will help any and all animals as long as a vet gives them a chance at a good quality of life.

To those that have been so positive, to the letter writers from around the US, for the cards, letters, notes, and positive feedback for what we are trying to do for this horse, no amount of thank-you's can repay you for your kindness and your support for this animal. For the TV stations that have covered this story to the newspapers that have published it in many states, we thank you for your support!  We also send special thanks to Julie Wiedl in Madison, Wisc., who understands what it feels like to want to give an animal a chance and the strength to deal with the abuse from people who feel the animal should be put down.  With Julie's help, MiLady's surgery has been made possible.  We also want to send special thanks to Greg Payton for the trailer for MiLady,  Mona Witheral "Friends for Animal Welfare"  from Itaska Co, and to Shirley Radtke from Makinen, for volunteering to transport the horse to Illinois for her surgery.  Special thanks as well to the University of Illinois who will perform MiLady's surgery and assist in her recovery and rehab.  We also thank Virco from Babbit for donating the rubber matting to make her slings, and also a special thanks to the anonymous donor for the camcorder and camera, there will be pictures of this trip posted on the web. Thanks to all of you, without everyone's help, MiLady would not have been given the chance she has now. MiLady is leaving on September 21st, with the first stop to be made in Madison, Wisc.

We will be posting updations on MiLady as things progress.  Thanks again to
all the positive, wonderful giving and caring people!  Thanks for believing in giving MiLady the chance she deserved in this world.

UPDATE: MiLady under went surgery on September 23rd at 10:00 am, when
the doctors in Illinois woke her up, she walked back to her stall on the leg
that had the surgery. The Doctors are astonished at this amazing act so quickly for a horse that has not walked on that leg since she was months old. They are watching her closely for any type of infections, but are ecstatic at her process right now.

UPDATE: The vets from Illinois called on October 7, 2003 with the news that the "Horse is doing much better than expected". Plans are to remove the cast and stitches the 1st part of next week and then recast it for 2 weeks. After that, a removable brace to be put on. She will be able to come home after that.

UPDATE: The vets from Illinois called on October 15th, 2003 with the news that MiLady's cast came off, they took further x-rays and the plate and screws are in place and there is signs of her leg healing and bones growing together. There are no signs of infection, she is walking and her heart rate is normal. She is being recast for an additional 30 days. The doctors feel she is doing much better than anyone ever expected, and she is eating like a horse! They are looking into a close boarding facility so that they can check her progress once the cast is removed in 30 days.

UPDATE: Jan. 04, Milady was picked up Monday before Christmas, she is walking on all four feet. She has gained over 400 pds since she has been in the care of Contented Critters and the vets. She will be rechecked again in about 6 weeks. We want to send out thanks to Dr. Alician Stewart of the University who has been praised for the work she did on this horse.  Other vets who looked over the x-rays stated that only a few vets could have performed the miracle on Milady as Alician did.  Milady is doing much much better than anyone could have expected. They are having all they can do to make her rest that leg, Milady is so happy to be moving around for the first time in her life.

UPDATE: April 2004,  Milady has been adopted and is now a therapy horse, teaching children about animal abuse and cruelty. She is also entering the 4-H in the Halter class. She is doing beautifully and is walking a happy path in life now. We all wish her many happy years and hope she brings in many blue ribbons. This is one story with a truly happy ending. This photo was taken on her way home from Illinois.
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