Welcome to Contented Critters Help Spot
It has been brought to our attention that some people have been unable to properly view the animals listed on our site.  Due to this problem, this page was created to better help you to understand why the page is not coming up correctly and what you can do to remedy the problem.

Contented Critters new website was just recently developed using the latest Microsoft technology of a Windows XP Professional version along with Internet Explorer, using the most current browser online..

Understandably, many of you are coming to our site using older and outdated systems, plus outdated browsers.  Unfortunately with using outdated systems and browsers comes the problem of being able to view many websites online and being able to use the functions of those websites.  Technology moves much faster than most of us can keep up with.  Homestead.com's servers have had problems with the Netscape browser, this might be an incompatibility issue but one that can be overcome if you use Internet Explorer instead while browsing our site online.

If you are using an older Windows Operating System such as
Windows 95, 98, 2000, you can easily obtain the most current version
of Internet Explorer on http://www.microsoft.com's website online.
Once downloaded and installed, you should have no further issues viewing
this site online.

If you are coming to this site using an older Apple or Macintosh computer,
you will have to contact your program vender or apple or macintosh.com's sites to find out about updated browsers and software that may be available for your computer.

After you have installed the most up to date browser for your operating system, and before you come back to our site, be sure to delete all temporary files, offline pages, history files, and cookies from your computer, or else the site will still look like it did when you experienced the problem, because your computer will have a file on it showing the page as it was instead of what it should be.  You may be able to remedy that by just hitting your REFRESH button in your browser, but it may not.

To delete history files, cookies, and temporary files from windows operating system, go to Start, Control Panel, Internet Options, under the General tab, click Delete Cookies, then Delete Files, then below that click Clear History, this should clean out all previous saved versions and history pages associated with our site.  This should help you with all your surfing problems.

S.N.A.P. (Spay Neuter Aid Program) is a 501C(3) non-profit organization and is licensed by the state of Minnesota.
Contented Critters is run solely by 100% Volunteers, all donations go directly to the care of the animals.  Your donation is tax deductible. Call 218-638-2153 for details.