The Garbage Dump
On November 1st, a cold windy night, we received a call from a local Police Officer about 2 abandoned dogs.  Upon arriving at the home, we found....a garbage dump!  In a shed, among mounds of trash, we found a mother dog with 6 puppies about 2 days old.
After picking them out of the garbage and loading them into carriers, we started looking for the other dog.  Luckily, we heard a faint whimper coming from under the mobile home.  A SNAP volunteer crawled under the home with a flashlight and in the mud and garbage, was a dog having puppies!  After hours of waiting and trying, we finally got them out and loaded.  She had 10 puppies! Both mothers were starving to death.  We later learned the owners of these two sweet beautiful dogs moved and left them 6 weeks earlier.  One of the 10 puppies died the next day, but the other ones are healthy and happy.  The two moms have been nursed back to health, have been given their shots and have been spayed.  All 15 puppies had their shots, and have been given homes now.  Mother Sabrina and Mother Sadie have homes now.
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