Frequently Asked Questions..

**For comments, serious opinions, or disagreements with Contented Critters, call
  the caregivers at 218-638-2153 and discuss  your situation.

(Is a particular dog or cat still available for adoption?)

1.  The Contented Critters website is kept updated every couple of days, it is possible      that an animal you are interested in may have been already adopted.
For the most accurate adoption information, please call the caregivers at
218-638-2153 if your interested in a particular animal.

(What is the adoption fee for the dog or cat I'm interested in?)

2.  We will try our best to tell you by email what the adoption fees are for a particular animal that is listed on our site.  Adoption fees for each animal vary depending on what the circumstances were when the animal arrived at Contented Critters. For example: if they were in need of shots, neutering, spaying, etc.  Our adoption fees are based on the vet's charges to us.  For the most accurate adoption fee information, Please contact  218-638-2153 for that information.

(I live in the town of "name" and I want to know how long it would take me to get to where you are located? Or Can you tell me where you are located?)

3. Contented Critters is located at 4986 Townline Rd. Makinen, MN.  Click here and type in our address to get a precise mileage report and directions to get to their location. 

(Can you send me other photos of this dog or cat, I'd like to view it closer up?)

4. We are not always able to send you additional photos of the particular animal that you are interested in. The photo that is on our website is generally the only photo we have.  For a more detailed description of a particular animal, please call the caregivers at 218-638-2153, or make plans to come and meet the animal here at our shelter.

(Is this particular animal good with kids? Good with cats? Why was this animal put up for adoption? Why didn't people want it? Disposition? Etc, etc.)

5. In some cases, the Managers of Contented Critters, Faye or Walter, know some of the background information about an animal.  In other cases, they know very little, so at times, those answers may or may not be available to you depending on the circumstances when the animal came into Contented Critters.  However, we do not provide these answers by email, as we don't handle the animals/adoptions/etc.  Please call 218-638-2153 for this type of information.

(I see you have a no-kill policy, could I bring my pet dog/cat out there for you to take. I no longer want my pet due to financial problems, allergies, pet spraying, pet doesn't get along with other pets, pet threw up on my carpet, moving, nursing home, pet ruining furniture, etc. etc. reasoning.)

6. Yes, Contented Critters does take in unwanted animals (when space is available) in an effort to keep them from being killed unnecessarily and to give them a chance at a better life.  Behavioral problems in cats and dogs can be overcome through strict training, sometimes through neutering/spaying, and medications that your vet can prescribe. It's normal for pets to occasionally become ill just as people do. Throwing out a pet because they threw up is a terrible reason to get rid of a pet.  Try understanding the behavioral problem you are experiencing and find out what options are available to you before you make the major decision to stress your pet and hurt them by abandoning them.  This is the least you can do for your pet. Sometimes just understanding the issue, and taking the right steps will eliminate the problem. Please read common Canine Behavior Problem or Feline Behavioral Problems.

(Can you take in my animals for a few weeks while I move? Oh, by the way, my animals are not fixed, perhaps you could do this for me while they are in your care?)

7. Contented Critters is not an animal fostering or boarding kennel facility.  This center takes in unwanted animals and then puts them up for adoption.  In this process, animals that are not fixed or given shots will be taken care of.  If you need to have someone take care of your animal while you are away or moving, you should contact one of the several boarding kennels located in your area.  Contented Critters is working on creating an 'on the road' vet clinic to help aid in providing neutering and spaying at low cost to help with the over population of animals.  Many area vet clinics are willing to take monthly payments on operations such as these so you should definitely take the time to consult the vet clinic in your area to bring your animal in for the neutering/spaying it may need.

Do you investigate dog/cat abuse?  I know so and so from such and such who may be abusing their dogs/cats, and I want to know what, if anything, I can do about it?
8. Contented Critters does try to assist in situations that directly involve pets that come to them or have been left at their location, or if someone has called in their general location.  We assist law enforcement. THE FIRST STEP is to call your local law enforcement.  It all starts with a case number.  Then you contact the animal control officers at the local animal shelter in your town or contact your local area vets for information as to who to contact for help.  As far as we know there is only one attorney in the state of MN who deals with animal rights, she is down in the twin cities. To search for an animal rights attorney in your area or state, type in Animal Rights Attorneys in your search engine.  If you are in the general area of Northern MN call Contented Critters at 218-638-2153 for more information.

(I'm having trouble viewing the dog and cat page, the frames, photos, and words are not lined up, what is the problem with the pages?)

9. Contented Critters website was recently redone and created using the most up to date Windows Operating System and Internet Explorer 7.0, we have created a special HELP SPOT page to assist you in understanding why you may be experiencing these difficulties with your browser and what you can do to remedy the problem on your computer.  Click to HELP SPOT page.

(Our organization assists with certain programs for animals, are you interested in receiving any additional information about programs that we have available and or fund raising for Contented Critters?)

10. Contented Critters appreciates all information about new programs and has designated people who help with this situation, please direct your attention to the caregivers at 218-638-2153 and ask them if they would like you to send your flyers and programs directly to them in the mail, or discuss your options with them over the phone.

(Can you ship the animal in question to another state?)

11. No, we do not ship any animals.  

(What do you consider SPAM email, and what do you do about it?)

12. Any unwanted emails that are derived from someone using our email address and sending it to a bulk email company for purposes of pushing products that have absolutely no relation to animals, or any emails coming from your business that have no relations to helping the animals will be considered SPAM.
If we choose to sign up for your newsletter, then you have the right to send it to us.  All SPAM, bulk emails, virus's, etc. are forwarded to the abuse center at to be handled by them.  Your email address will also be banned (using filters) from being able to send anything further to our address.

If your question has not been answered in this FAQ page, please feel free
to Call:  218-638-2153

S.N.A.P. (Spay Neuter Aid Program) is a 501C(3) non-profit organization and is licensed by the state of Minnesota.
Contented Critters is run solely by 100% Volunteers, all donations go directly to the care of the animals.  Your donation is tax deductible. Call 218-638-2153 for details.