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Every dog or puppy has been wormed, given its age appropriate shots including rabies and has been spayed or neutered.                                                                                       
If you see an animal that you are interested in, please call Contented Critters
 (a project of S.N.A.P.) At:  218-638-2153  

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S.N.A.P. (Spay Neuter Aid Program) is a 501C(3) non-profit organization and is licensed by the state of Minnesota. 
Contented Critters is run solely by 100% Volunteers, all donations go directly to the care of the animals.  Your donation is tax deductible. Call 218-638-2153 for details. 
OTIS  Male  8y  Came in 1-7-13
with brothers
Lover Boy, Good Companion

Would like a home at your hobby farm
Razor Male5yrs.Chow mix.
Razors owner passed away. He came in with a lab puppy, but so far at the shelter, prefers to be an only dog. He is a real "talker" and loves attention. Came in on11-27-13
Lily is about 2 yrs old , a female mix of husky? She came from a hoarder situation on 6-24-13 and is very shy. She has learned to trust the kennel attendant, and really wants to get to know everyone else. She has never growled or snipped at anyone. She needs a owner with patience.
Windsor is a 4 yr old Mastiff lab mix he came to our shelter on 3-22-14. His owners brought him in because they have a new baby they were worried about having a dog around. Windsor has liked everyone he has met, he is polite and has good manners.
Shadow is a Male Lab mix who came in on 5-19-14. His DOB is 10/06. His owners got divorced and he had to move to town. He hated town. Owner decided to give him up. He really is a good boy. Listens well, playful, lots of energy, and good looking!
Murphy is a 2 1/2 yr old male Boxer /Lab mix. He came in on 6-22-14 from an overcrowded shelter. He is GORGEOUS. He has the gentle, funny athletic boxer characteristics. He really a fun guy
Lightning is a Male Lab Mix. He came in to the shelter as a stray on 7/31/14. He is a very friendly dog. Will update more info soon.
Max is a young adult Male Lab mix. He came to us rom a shelter in Polk County, he was brought in there as a stray. Max is a  friendly and affectionate dog.
Jasmine is a Black Lab/Chow mix. Her DOB is July 2006. Her human is in the service and got sent to Korea. Jasmine is really a nice girl, a little confused about where she is at, but just as friendly as can be. Intake date9-29-14
Miley is a year old female Shepherd mix. She came in on 5/5/14  from a rescue group. She is a big pup that hadn't had any work done with her. We have been working on her jumping and she is smart and responsive. VERY affectionate. 
Black Magic.3 yr old female Boxer/Lab came in on 10-19-14 not wanted anymore. She is playful, friendly , good looking.  Really a nice dog.
This is GUS. He is a 5 yr old Spaniel/Lab cross. He came in on 10-19-14 he had been abandoned. Gus is a BIG, easy going guy. He has been super friendly and gotten along with everyone he has met. Just a good ol' boy.
This is Ginger. She is a 4 yr old female Sheltie mix. She came in on 10-19-14 with her brother Jasper. They were sent to the shelter because their owner is ill and unable to tend to them. They are NICE dogs who have been well kept loved pets. They are very friendly and have gotten along with everyone they have met.
Jasper is a male 4 yr old Sheltie mix who came in on 10-19-14 with his sister Ginger. They were brought in because their owner is ill. Jasper is a well kept, friendly, beautiful dog. Just needs a new home of his own.
ROCKY is a year old male Boxer/Lab mix. He came in on 10/19/14as a stray. He is a HUGE boy, with ALOT of energy. Does not have a clue how big and strong he is! He is friendly and happy and loves to play. He is a good looking guy.
Yoda is a 4 yr old Male Sheltie. He came in on 10-16-14 as a surrender. He is such a nice little guy. Friendly to everyone and is doing well with the two sheltie crosses he is housed with. He just is such a nice dog.
Winnie is a 5 yr old Female Heeler mix. She came in on 10/19/14 with Gus (another dog) they both had been abandoned. She has done very well at the shelter. She is friendly. 
Rosie is a 10 yr old female chocolate lab mix. She came in as a stray on 10-19-14. She is such a sweet girl. She is just looking for a retirement home. She certainly deserves one.
Meatball is a "Pot cake" dog. Google the breed. . They are an overpopulated breed being rescued from the Bahamas and other Islands. He is 5 yrs old, male and friendly.They are supposed to be smart, loyal and good with children