Dogs/Puppies Available for Adoption
Age On Picture Corresponds With The Date When Pet Arrived

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Every dog or puppy has been wormed, given its age appropriate shots including rabies and has been spayed or neutered.                                                                                       
If you see an animal that you are interested in, please call Contented Critters
 (a project of S.N.A.P.) At:  218-638-2153  

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S.N.A.P. (Spay Neuter Aid Program) is a 501C(3) non-profit organization and is licensed by the state of Minnesota. 
Contented Critters is run solely by 100% Volunteers, all donations go directly to the care of the animals.  Your donation is tax deductible. Call 218-638-2153 for details. 
Razor is a Male Chow Lab mix. He has been with us since( his owner died) 11/27/13. He is a goof ball. Loves all people, but doesn't feel the same about other dogs or rodents. He is playful and one of the staff favorites.
Penny is a 3 yr old shepherd/boxer mix. She is a wonderful little girl, but her problem is she gets very protective over her family. 
Intake date 4-10-15
Vanna is a ret/lab mix approx. 3yrs old. She was on the euthanasia list also. Just LOOK at her eyes, you can see the INTELLIGENCE. She is a smart dog and will be the boss if allowed , doesn't get along with other dogs, no kids.Intake 5-28-16
Zephyr is a 1 yr old Lab mix. He came in so emaciated it was sad. He has trust issues with men. He loves the ladies, but he needs a home that will prove to him no one will be heavy handed ever again to him.  8-25-16
Smokey is a male Rott mix. He is about 2 yrs old. This guys biggest problem is he is too affectionate. I think if he could crawl inside you he would. He hasn't been taught much, but he is catching on fast. intake date 8-18-16
Jackie is a 1 yr old female Red  bone Coonhound mix that was rescued off the euthanasia list. She is a very strong and energetic young girl. Intake 12-28-16
Nala is a 7 yr old female Heeler/Lab  mix. She was rescued from an euthanasia list . Intake 1-18-17. She was so frightened when she came , but she sure is loving the affection now. She needs a chance to be loved by her own family. 
Gracie is a female 4 yr old Hound mix. She has been rescued off a euthanasia list. She has been good with everyone she has met at our shelter. Intake 3/2/17
Cash (2) is a male Pointer/Am Staff mix about2 yrs old. He weighs about 70lbs. Rescued off the euthanasia list. Intake 4-1-17. Friendly and waiting for a new family of his own.
Cash 1 is a 1 1/2 yr old Aussie mix. He was rescued off the euthanasia list on 4-1-17. Cash is laid back, friendly and gets along well with everyone, human or dog. He has such a unique color. Nice dog.
Freckles is a young adult female Aussie mix. She was rescued on 4-1-17 from a euthanasia list. She is friendly and gets along with othe dogs, but likes to be the boss. Pretty girl waiting for a home.
Charolette is a 2 yr old Female Am Staff rescued off the euthanasia list on 4-1-17. She has a lot of energy , loves to play and likes all people, not so much for other dogs.
DAISY is a 2 yr old tri colored Boxer mix. She was rescued off the euthanasia list on 4-1-17. She is a playful girl learning new things everyday.
Cookie is a male, 2 yr old Border Collie mix. To say cookie has energy is an understatement. This guy has extra to burn. He is a character! He was rescued off a euthanasia list on 4-1-17. He weighs about 55 lbs.
Archie is a 1 yr old male tri colored pointer mix. He was rescued from a euthanasia list on 4-1-17. He was so extremely frightened when he came. He is learning to trust and LOVES to play ball. He will fetch all day long.